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After Earth Group LLC




AEG is the sponsor of projects to design, build, deploy, and finance, Eco-Amicus solutions to convert carbonaceous waste into synthetic fuels to be used as feedstock to power portable generators that provide electrical power distributed via micro grids connecting water treatment systems providing fresh potable water.  

AEG is undertaking these projects because there is a global need for ruggedized portable solutions to address the growing need to transform the management of carbonaceous waste while at the same time providing fresh potable water to people living in stressed environments.




AEG’s mission is to create a world-class corporation and a network of experts and technology companies that will fulfill AEG’s vision.  This will be accomplished, in part, by providing all employees with a work environment that is safe, that respects their rights, and encourages their inclusion in all aspects of the company’s business.  AEG will make a substantial profit for its owners




There are several ethical principles that set the ground rules for how AEG operates.  They are:

  1. Honesty in everything we undertake

  2. Committing to what we promise

  3. Conducting business in a fair and just manner

  4. Being respective of others

  5. Being socially responsible

  6. Conducting business with a high degree of integrity

  7. Establish benchmark processes that others will desire to emulate




AEG is growing from a core set of business values that are deeply rooted in its executive team members’ military and entrepreneurial services.  They have seen first-hand the effects of human behavior on the environment and are deeply committed to providing services and products that will aid in correcting this situation.  These values are entrenched in every aspect of the business and will remain so as AEG grows.  


Members of AEG live by these values:

  • Being transparent in all business transactions.

  • Maintaining a business culture where all members are treated with
    dignity and respect.

  • Being courageous, challenging the status quo and thinking outside
    the box to grow the company.

  • Delivering the best in all aspects of the company’s operations.

  • Being accountable as individuals for delivering results.


Advisors And Subject-Matter Experts


  Jim V. Kelley  

Mr. Kelley has more than 36 years of Federal Service including active duty with the Department of Army as an officer. Jim obtained his under graduate degree in Architecture from the University of Texas, Arlington in 1975. He pursued graduate studies in Urban Design, University of Texas, Arlington, graduate studies in Noise Planning, Georgia Tech, and continuing education studies in Solar Energy Engineering and Design Principles.

He invested his professional career in Public Works venues for Departments of Army and Defense military cities design and development. He managed and performed utilities privatization for Army and Air Force military cities involving – electrical power transmission, distribution, sub stations; natural gas distribution, pressure reduction stations; potable water production, distribution, metering, and Health Department compliance; sanitary sewerage treatment plants, distribution systems. He developed and participated in establishing DoD energy Savings Performance Contracts as well as renewable energy solutions for large city energy requirements on a global scene

Jim has over 24 years of professional experience designing, developing, and operating small business enterprises, specializing, in part, in waste to power generation. Jim provided contract management services to the Army Corps of Engineers, Huntsville supporting Deputy Chief of Staff Army Operations in developing their 5-year Range and Training Land investment strategy. This effort yielded a $35 billion dollar investment program for global Army ranges and futuristic battle labs design and construction. He facilitated environmental compliance reviews and public hearings; performed land acquisition analysis and alternative investigations; developed planning and design criteria for Battle Command Training Centers and participated in developing multi-purpose gunnery ranges and simulation centers.

He provided direct planning, programming and design program management for Special Operations Command urban training environments and live fire urban assault training facilities as well as US Special Operations Southern Command and Control Headquarters planning, programming and resource investment strategies. Jim has received many awards, including Recipient, National Performance Review, Vice-President Al Gore’s Hammer Award, Energy Savings Performance contracting.


  Tom M. Kelley  

Mr. Kelley possesses a broad range of management and leadership experience, knowledge and success within the organics and renewable energy industries.  Over 38 years’ experience in these industries. A primary strength is found with full and complete market assessment to profitability with design, development, implementation through delivery of profitable programs in waste recycling to include Bio-solids, food waste, green waste, waste transfer and material recovery systems. Success in facilitation of corporate governance, budgeting and financial management protocols for executive management responsibilities are all key ingredients to his leadership.  He represented public and private interests while serving nine years on US Composting Counsel Board of Directors and is known by his colleagues and piers as the nation’s top sales and marketing person surpassing 500,000 cubic-yards of organic product sales each year during the period 1998 through 2006.


Gasification experience for Mr. Kelley was initially introduced and launched during employment with startup company Harvest Power, Inc., as Business Development manager, where assistance was applied with procurement of Dry Fermentation/Gasification partnerships/alliances.  Gasification Technology is a waste to power process that converts MSW, Bio-solids, various carbon- based materials considered as “Waste” to produce Green Power and or Fuels. The process is environmentally friendly and reduces current disposal costs and produces new revenues.


  Richard Charland CD, rmc   

Mr. Charland is a proven leader with over 42 years of experience dealing with complex strategic infrastructure challenges in the public and private sectors. His passion is to undertake leadership roles in architecting, designing, and developing approaches to successfully address the needs of projects, including those that involve public-private partnerships.


Prior to moving to the private sector,

Mr. Charland served in the Canadian Armed Forces, focusing on the transformation of various national security, intelligence, and defense systems. He has applied the lessons learned from his time in the military to address the challenges of the transformative needs of 21st Century national strategic infrastructure requirements. This includes architecting, designing, and developing alternative financial solutions for these projects. Risk management is a major emphasis of his approach to developing financial solutions. 

While serving in the Canadian Armed Forces, Mr. Charland was awarded the Canadian Decoration (CD), UN peacekeeping medal for service in Cyprus, and the Canadian Forces peacekeeping medal. 


Mr. Charland received an honors degree in economics and commerce from the Royal Military College of Canada in 1974. He furthered his academic studies throughout his military and private sector career, including international business negotiations studies at Harvard University.


Mr. Charland was inducted into the international Who’s Who of Professionals Society in 2001 and the International Association of Business Leaders in 2002. In December 2003 Mr. Charland was selected as a quarter finalist in the International Association of Business leaders “Businessman of the Year” award. 


  G. Michael Joachim AICP   

Mr. Joachim has over 40 years of Public and Private planning experience. This experience included, in part: 

  • Strategic Planning

  • Certified Planner by the American Institute of Certified Planners

  • Site analysis
    Designing projects and communities

  • Writing comprehensive plans, and enforcing planning laws, impact assessments, and environmental regulations
    Creating public-private partnerships

  • Orchestrating agreements among public and private interests in all aspects of a County-wide complex comprehensive plan for a County of over 500,000-now 3⁄4 of a million
    Advising clients on land development, acquiring entitlements, and real estate analysis 

Mr. Joachim received a degree in Urban Planning from the University of Illinois with an extensive background in architecture. He has continued his graduate work at various schools pursuing studies in urban design, team management, leadership, course management, communication, and implementing projects. He has managed courses and meetings for groups of up to 200 people. He provides networking, and international and national contacts to assist in implementing projects. 


  Rosemary Niechcial P.Eng   

Ms. Niechcial is a professional engineer specializing in water treatment combining the technical requirements of a project with the contractual model that most cost-effectively delivers a solution. Ms. Niechcial has more than 20 years of experience in water treatment and project management. On a global scale, Rosemary has developed critical infrastructure under a variety of contractual models, such as EPC/M,DBFO  (Design / Build / Finance / Operate), BOT, and established key partnerships to create Special Purpose Companies to successfully execute projects. 


Rosemary’s experience extends from mining and energy to the public sector working on P3's (Public Private Partnerships) in Canada, Australian Alliance models in Australia, and IWPP's in the Middle East. Languages include fluent English, working French, working Spanish, and basic German.  




  Aris Melissaratos  

Aris is the founder of The Aris Institute. He served as the Dean of Stevenson University's Brown School of Business and Leadership. Before joining Stevenson University, Aris served as Senior Advisor for Enterprise Development to the President of Johns Hopkins University, between 2007 and 2014. He also served as Secretary of Business and Economic Development for the State of Maryland from 2003 to 2007. He worked for Westinghouse Electric Corporation for 32 years, retiring as Chief Technology Officer and Vice President for Science and Technology, responsible for research and development. Before that, he was Chief Operations Officer for the company's Defense Electronics Group, responsible for $3.2 billion dollars in sales. He also founded Armel Scientifics, LLC, which has invested in over 40 start-up companies in advanced technology.


Aris has co-authored with N.J. Slabbert the book, Innovation: The Key to Prosperity, which is a survey of the role of technological innovation in American and global history. Showing how technological innovation and scientific advance have been the world’s great engines of transformation, especially in the 19th and 20th centuries, the authors point out that the innovative spirit does not arise spontaneously to bestow its benefits on societies, but rather must be nurtured carefully by cultural conditions that favor and welcome innovation. They call for a renewal of America’s commitment to technological innovation, believing that this will enable the United States to transform the present economic climate into a new age of plenty which will include effective responses to problems of environmental challenge and energy resources. America’s greatest wealth, the authors contend, lies in its intellectual capital, which, wisely used, can make the 21st century a golden age of prosperity for the world. 


  Col. Ronald Davidson (Ret.) MD, MPH, CD   

Dr. Davidson served the Canadian Forces Medical Services in increasingly responsible clinical, research, teaching, operational, managerial, and command roles, retiring in September 2005 as a Colonel in the Medical Branch and a board-certified Aerospace Medicine Specialist. His final military assignment was as Medical Advisor to the Chief of the Air Staff and Aviation Medical Advisor to the Minister of National Defense.


During the last seven years of his military career, Dr. Davidson represented Canada as Head of Delegation on the NATO Standardization Agency’s Aeromedical Panel and Head of Delegation on the Air Standardization Coordinating Committee. 

In 2008, he founded Pangaea7 Incorporated (now Turning Stone Medical (TSM) Inc.), a consulting company focused on occupational medicine advice and services to public and private organizations. He currently holds a long-term contract with Macdonald, Dettwiler and Associates, as their Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Medical Advisor, responsible for establishing medical and dental standards for deployed operations and certifying individuals for duty overseas. 


  Luc Gervais   

Mr. Luc Gervais. Mr. Gervais is a successful serial entrepreneur. He is particularly adept at creating financial spreadsheets. He has participated in creating all the AEG pro forma spreadsheets. Currently, Luc is the owner of a very profitable information technology security company in Ottawa, Canada. His clients are exclusively in the Federal Government, in particular the national security community. Luc will be a valuable contributor to AEG as the company ramps up and gains its footing during its initial years of operation. 


  Gregoris Morakeas   

Mr. Morakeas is a serial entrepreneur with approximately 35 years of business experience as CEO & President, having launched several companies without outside funding. Gregoris is a visionary, integrator, innovator of disruptive technologies and inventor, Gregoris has served as an environmental scientist consultant and has created programs for the US Government after 9/11 to support emergency responders dealing with biological threats. He has worked with the Vice President of the United States office to address several threats, including Ebola. Of note, he wrote a Standard Operating Procedure to counter the Ebola crisis for the US and international airports. It is in use globally. 

Mr. Morakeas knows the ups and downs of business that go along with entrepreneurial successes and failures. Gregoris is a business coach, advisor, and mentor to businesses globally. He has been a leader and a leadership coach for CEOs and other executives in Fortune 500 companies. 


  Frederic T. Dehon Jr.   

Mr. Dehon has had an esteemed career as a lawyer serving in the State of Florida and elsewhere in the US. Ted received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, with a major in Accounting in 1976, and then a law degree, a juris doctorate, in 1979. He received a Florida CPA certificate in June 1980 and was admitted to the Florida Bar in November.

Ted has practiced in several law firms focusing on family trusts and other related matters. He also focused on real estate throughout West Palm Beach. During his career, Ted developed a significant network of subject matter experts lawyers and law firms. This network will be of significant value to AEG. 


  David Chaplin   

Mr. Chaplin possesses a broad range of analytical skills that will significantly value AEG. David has served in the Canadian Armed Forces in several roles, including logistics and intelligence. As a Major, David served as the Canadian National Point of Contact – Logistics, ABCA Armies’ Standardization Program, J4 staff officer, during both Desert Shield and Storm. He has also served in very sensitive UN peacekeeping positions, especially in monitoring the ceasefires in Lebanon and Syria (1980s).


David is an exceptionally strong writer. This skill set will be most valuable in support of the company’s marketing, business development, and business intelligence activities. David received an honors BA from Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada. He is fluently bilingual (English and French) and has abilities to communicate in other languages. 


  Ron Cook   

Mr. Cook is a senior member of the Mohawk Nation at Akwesasne, Ontario Canada. During the past 8 years, Ron has supported the AEG marketing and sales program. In that regard, he has been and will continue to be a pathfinder for AEG where Eco-Amicus opportunities involve First Nations in North America.


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